Exit the Dragons

I’ve been playing role-playing games for many years now. They have led me to do some really cool things and meet many great people. Few things are more rewarding to me, than to be able to celebrate the geeky accomplishments of some of my players.  A good Game Master (GM) celebrates their player’s character in the game, be their biggest fans. 

I believe that a great GM does that for their players too.

I’ve had a lot of players in my gaming life. I always find it really awesome to see the cool things they go off to do in the creative industries. I have some players who are computer wizards like Mike Vizko who created this amazing website. Others are graphic designers, like Kipp Lightburn who created the Logos for TheGMTim, as well as the Sky on Fire, Loose End z, and SkyFyre Comics Podcasts. Then there is Asher Klassen who is literally creating his own world and comic series out of the games we played years ago. His art is great. I can’t wait to show it off! And of course there is Sarah Fox, Jeremy Green, & Matt Klassen who all are players in a D&D game we’ve been playing for nearly 3 years who have a wonderful podcast called Adventure.exe. 

I started this project because it will allow me to increase the new players I can have and still afford things like rent and food. I’m confident in my abilities, and if you need some second opinions just ask my players. 

Now let’s roll some dice.

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