Second Day of CRITmas

On the second day of CRITmas my players got from me…

…a goblin with a gun.

The Finalizer – Maxwell’s RPGs

So I got this sweet sweet gift this year. One of my coworkers at the game store gave me a magic that he made a collection of this year as gifts. Its super cool and I thought a Hobgoblin Captain from the Monster manual would be pretty badass. He is of course just a REALLY big Goblin cause why not and it will throw those “I know all the monsters” players off kilter if they come up on a Goblin that big and nasty.

As a bonus this item also becomes a wicked Magic Item, a quest purpose, a reward, etc. I love it.

I dig Goblins, they are a really under utilized race of villains and funions in D&D. Most DMs leave them behind as the players round level 3 or so. The basically power out the Goblins. I instead reskin different monsters in the book to be Goblins, partly to hrow players who know the books off, partly cause I have players PLAYING goblins who level up and want to have goblins who can match them [Watch Goblins & Galleons starting January 7]. I decided after my guest spot on DMs Block 169 that I should put my skillz where my mouth is.

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