Third Day of CRITmas

On the third day of CRITmas my players got from me…

Three Hag Goblins

…three goblin hags

Ya, this would be awesome. Take a Hag Coven right from the Monster Manual make them small creatures, add in some wild magic chance rolls when they cast spells – cause still goblins. Ya, really this one writes itself. You could go in so many different directions with this. Oh wow, if the players are in a goblin game would they help the hags? I mean, magic is pretty amazing to goblins.

HAHA! I just had an entertaining idea that the Hags who run Droaam in the Eberron setting are actually goblin hags. Now they use their power to get back at all the other races for the way everyone treats goblins.

I dig Goblins, they are a really under utilized race of villains and funions in D&D. Most DMs leave them behind as the players round level 3 or so. The basically power out the Goblins. I instead reskin different monsters in the book to be Goblins, partly to hrow players who know the books off, partly cause I have players PLAYING goblins who level up and want to have goblins who can match them [Watch Goblins & Galleons starting January 7]. I decided after my guest spot on DMs Block 169 that I should put my skillz where my mouth is.

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