Star Trek Lost Voyages Season 1

Star Trek Lost Voyages. A Star Trek Adventures tabletop roleplaying game live play series. Join the crew of the USS Haida, a retrofit Cheyenne class Federation starship, as they explore the Shackleton Expanse.

# in
TitleWritten byGuest star
11Shakedown CruiseThe GM TIm with heavy inspiration from Last Unicorn Games
22Silent ListenersThe GM Tim
33Brave and the QLaura Thompson
with The GM Tim
Laura Thomson
44A Cry From the VoidIan Lemke with Spring Netto
55What Was LostThe GM Tim
66The PrizeJonathan M. Thompson
77Infiltration InitiativeThe GM TimAlan Patrick
88Shadow NebulaThe GM TimFred Love
99Brids & Prey The GM Tim
1010Drawing Deeply From the WellAaron Pollyea
1111DarknessSam Webb