Behind The GM Screen

DC 10 Wisdom (Perception): From Vancouver, Canada The GM Tim is a busy gaymer: He dungeon masters private games for multiple roleplaying groups, hosts the Quests + Queers board game nights, is a DM & Dine Dungeon Master at both the Storm Crow Alehouse and Tavern, and he also runs Fierce Adventures – a monthly live D&D Drag show at Cafe Deux Soleils.

DC 15 Intelligence (History): Through years gaining experience and levelling up with the D&D Adventurers League, this Theatre of the Mind Game Master has multi-classed. Now an adventure writer, The GM Tim continues to run games at conventions, like Winter Fantasy, for Baldman Games, playtests for the League and Dungeons & Dragons, and is a featured DM at D&D in a Castle.


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