Appendix: Lit

Literary inspiration for tabletop gamers and storytellers.

Welcome to the Appendix: Lit Book Club. A book club to help game masters and storytellers take a break from always telling stories and be recharged and inspired by some fantasy and science fiction.

I don’t know about you, COVID19 has given me more time than I had before to do nothing, seeing as we can’t go out anymore. I have been spending a lot of it watching TV and Movies and I am starting to hate staring at screens all the time. I find myself missing books.

I love reading. It’s the best thing I can do before bed. It forces a tech-break. It inspires and activates your imagination in ways TV and Movies can not. I decided I wanted to start reading more; especially books that I could mine for games or that just left me inspired. I was going to read the APPENDIX N books from the classic D&D game, yet as I started looking through the list I realised that many of them are a product of their time and I wanted to read more modern and aware texts.

Thus I created a list and decided to start a book club as an excuse to drink wine and talk about these books! You can read, audio-book, get read to, whatever works for you. For this first list, I tried to pick a varied selection of authors.

Below is our first list of 12 books and the dates we’ll try to do a chat about it together online—likely discord, or zoom. The date is also when we start the next book.

You can join the discord chat here Tell us you are there for Appendix Lit. No posting spoilers or hate.

These books will likely be at your library if you can not afford to buy them. If you want to grow your collection I urge you to use a local, independent bookstore—if you are able of course, if you can’t I linked all the books to Indigo. If you don’t have a lot of space, pass them on to an aspiring game master/dungeon master/storyteller to help inspire them.

I’m very excited, let’s get inspired!