Game Master For Hire

Whether it’s any flavour of D&D, Star Trek: Adventures RPG, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, or any other in a long list of games that I love, I’m happy to run a game at your table. Or you can come sit at mine. And I promise that you won’t die*. All of these sessions are open to brand new and/or experienced players, check the calendar for dates, or click on the days for the blog announcement.

Full Party Adventure – $125

Only $125 flat rate for a minimum of 4 hours. You supply the adventuring party (up to 7 players) and I’ll supply everything you need along with a fun game.

Bi-Weekly D&D Campaign – $10

Five spots available in each group, as interest and the waitlist increases I’ll start a new night, so make sure to contact me to waitlist.

* Actually you might die. The dice fall where they may.