Game Master For Hire

Whether it’s any flavour of D&D, Star Trek: Adventures RPG, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, or any other in a long list of games that I love, I’m happy to run a game at your table. Or you can come sit at mine. And I promise that you won’t die*. All of these sessions are open to brand new and/or experienced players, check the calendar for dates, or click on the days for the blog announcement.

Full Party Adventure – $125

Looking for a one-shot for a party or team-building, a break from GMing and just want to play, need something to do for a team building exercise, want to test me out for your group before committing to a bi-weekly game? Bring your entire party (or just a few friends) along for the ride! Only $125 flat rate for your adventuring party (up to 7 players) and a minimum of 4 hours. I’ll supply everything you need along with a fun game. Character Sheets or even PreMade Characters if you want to just “show up and play”, Pencils, even Dice.

Bi-Weekly D&D Campaign – $10

Like being part of an amazing story? Want a longer game than a short module? Well sign up for one of two game nights and let’s get rolling. I am building one or two bi-weekly groups that will create their own game as we explore your characters stories together. Please be able to commit to at least three months. Five spots available in each group, if no spots are available on the night you want and there is enough interest there is a possibility of starting another night, so make sure to waitlist.

Tuesday or Friday Nights

Monthly D&D Dungeon Crawl – $15

Not able to commit to twice a week for three months? No problem! Reserve a seat at the big table and make some new friends at the ongoing Monthly D&D Deep Dive Dungeon Crawl. This table will be the same night every month and will be open to the first 6 people who sign up, you can reserve a seat in advance The whole seat is $15, but you’ll only need the edge!

Last Thursday
* Actually you might die. The dice fall where they may.