Behind The GM Screen

DC 10 Wisdom (Perception): From Vancouver, Canada, The GM Tim is a proud queer advocate within the gaming community. He Game Masters multiple private role playing games for groups around the world. In the before-time he DMed Fierce Adventures—a monthly live D&D Drag show on hiatus until COVID19 restrictions end. The GM Tim is a featured DM at D&D in a Castle, streams Star Trek Online and Star Trek: Lost Voyages on Twitch, and hosts a monthly Book Club that celebrates diversity and inspiration for tabletop role players be they GMs or Player Characters.

DC 15 Intelligence (History): Through years of gaining experience and levelling up with the D&D Adventurers League, this Theatre of the Mind Game Master has multi-classed. Now an adventure writer, The GM Tim continues to run games at conventions, like Winter Fantasy, for Baldman Games, playtests for the League and Dungeons & Dragons, and has been a featured DM at D&D in a Castle since its inception in 2018.

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Different Articles and Podcasts:

I had a feature done on my in a local paper by Leah Siegel in Vancouver. This article was the one that made me realise “huh, I am actually doing what I dreamed of.” I consider this article one of the highest honours of my career so far.

Ginny and Paige from the Round Table chat with time for over an hour on nerdy goodness. It was great to have a conversation with these two amazing humans. They know their D&D. I am honoured they would have me on this podcast.

Travis and Jordan – aka HookandChance – These fun Canadian brothers have a game mastering podcast that has a D&D tilt, really it’s about being a better game master or player. I love their examples and interviews they use to teach. Here they interview me about being a Theatre-of-the-Mind Dungeon Master. And in this epsiode, we chat about Letting the Players Lead.

Mike Shea – aka Sly Flourish – chats with Professional GM and writer The GM Tim to discuss professional game mastering. I’m still in awe I was on this podcast. Like whaaaaaaaaat? This guy is one of my all time favourite GMs and he wanted to talk to me.

I was super honoured to discuss Icewind Dale Rhime of the Frostmaiden on the Mastering Dungeons podcast hosted by the stupendous Shawn Merwin and the terrific Teos Abadai. In this episode I was privileged to share the stage with, my now co-writer, Marcello De Velazquez.

Join DM Neal in DMs Block. I got to be a BlockHead discussing goblins, some of my favourite creatures in D&D. This was SUCH a fun conversation with a GREAT human.

The DMs Guild! These are adventures I have published so far.


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