Behind The GM Screen

DC 10 Wisdom (Perception): From Vancouver, Canada The GM Tim is a busy gaymer: He dungeon masters private games for multiple roleplaying groups. In the before-time he hosted the Quests + Queers board game nights, and DMed Fierce Adventures – a monthly live D&D Drag show which is on hiatus until COVID19 restrictions end. The GM Tim currently streams Star Trek Online and Star Trek: Lost Voyages.

DC 15 Intelligence (History): Through years of gaining experience and levelling up with the D&D Adventurers League, this Theatre of the Mind Game Master has multi-classed. Now an adventure writer, The GM Tim continues to run games at conventions, like Winter Fantasy, for Baldman Games, playtests for the League and Dungeons & Dragons, and is a featured DM at D&D in a Castle.

Where else you can find The GM Tim

Ginny and Paige from the Round Table chat with time for over an hour on nerdy goodness. It was great to have a conversation with these two amazing humans. They know their D&D. I am honoured they would have me on this podcast.

Travis and Jordan – aka HookandChance – These fun Canadian brothers have a game mastering podcast that has a D&D tilt, really it’s about being a better game master. I love their examples and interviews they use to teach. Here they interview me about being a theatre-of-the-mind Dungeon Master.

Mike Shea – aka Sly Flourish – chats with Professional GM and writer The GM Tim to discuss professional game mastering. I’m still in awe I was on this podcast. Like whaaaaaaaaat?

Join DM Neal in DMs Block. I got to be a BlockHead discussing goblins, some of my favourite creatures in D&D

The DMs Guild! These are adventures I have published so far.


The GM Tim

Vancouver, Canada | |Instagram & Twitter: @thegmtim |


Software Applications:
Microsoft Office Suite
Davinci Resolve
Overall computer and internet literacy
Social media content creation Apps
Social Media Platforms
Administrative Skills:
Excellent research capabilities
Calendar and time management
Meeting and event planning
Travel and lodging coordination
Professional oral, written, and phone communication skills


Simon Fraser University Burnaby, BC Sept 2013 – June 2018 Bachelor of Arts: Communication


Owner/OperatorI took my passion for gaming and used it to build a brand and life around it.
The GM Tim – Vancouver, BC Sept 2017 – present

  • Game/Dungeon Master six regular games not including streams, weekly, biweekly, and monthly depending on the game. 
  • Organizing six different games’ storylines and keeping track of up to thirty-six character developments depending on the month.
  • Community Manager of my own discord created for the players in all my different groups. A total of 120 members.
  • Grew my brand and streams on social media—singularly and collaboratively with other brands both locally and internationally. 
  • Marketing and Promoting my brand, and different events and functions I have been a part of, through Instagram (+11% followers in the last 30 days), Twitter (1364 followers trending ever upwards), and my website (+52% pageviews in the last 30 days).
  • Plan Events and Curate Spaces to be ever-inclusive and attentive to as diverse a group of attendees as possible—prior to COVID was hosting Quests & Queers, an LGBTQ+ board game night at Stormcrow Alehouse.
  • Coordinate and book Talent and venues for live events—DM a monthly live D&D Drag show that has a guest star.
  • Network with other talent and creatives in the tabletop RPG industry to keep myself relevant and conscientious of what is happening in gaming.
  • Proud of my connections and reputation I have as being reliable, inclusive, and helpful
  • Promote Organised Play, first in my role as Regional Coordinator for the D&D Adventurers League, now as an expert level Judge/DM, and as a Mentor for Baldman Games.
  • Mentor for Baldman Games—I regularly make myself available online for mentoring, coaching, and help to the different DMs running D&D games at the various online conventions that occur now—this involves monthly meetings where we hold staged coaching sessions on the Discord channel and regular monthly twitch streams where we offer tips & tricks for DMing with the League.
  • Freelance writer for the D&D Adventurers League—DDAL09-06 Infernal Insurgency, DDAL10-03 Divining Evil, DDRMH-09 [Unreleased].
  • Featured annual Dungeon Master at D&D in a Castle 2018 Chateau de Challain, 2019 Langley Keep, & 2022 Lumley Castle—also was key in networking the organizers with a broad spectrum of bipoc and non-male DMs to invite for the first event.  
  • Content Creator for Norse Foundry Twitch channel. Included weekly Star Trek Online stream and an alternate week Star Trek Adventures live-play series—this content brought the channel to Affiliate status in June 2020.

Tabletop/RPG CoordinatorI flourished, grew, and honed my network skills in this role.
GaymerX – Bay Area, CA GX3 Dec 2015 & GX4 Oct 2016

  • Managed all tabletop/RPG event operations
  • Collaborated with the other coordinators to accommodate for different main stage events
  • Booked Talent; was responsible for finding queer, diverse, talent to act as guests of honour—names included Jeremy Crawford, Steve Kenson, Whitney Beltrán, and Alan Patrick.
  • Planned and Coordinated the different tabletop and rpg showcase games, and the different panels we did, making sure they didn’t cross over with other high-profile panels.
  • Attentive to different tabletop & role playing games that wanted to playtest or showcase at our event.
  • Booked Vendor invited a Santa Clara vendor into the actual Tabletop board game room at GX4 so that when a game was played in the open area or a role playing game was showcased by one of the guests of honour, it was purchasable. The vendor had better sales than a Christmas weekend.

Sales and Content CreationI’m at my best working with people, at heart, I’m a showman.
Strategies Games & Hobbies – Vancouver, BC June 2016 – present

  • Produced/Created Content for the shop over 2020 called WANNA PLAY?—board game breakdown in 45 seconds with a focus on Instagram. Filmed, produced, and scheduled from my phone. Plans to relaunch a second season on Instagram Reels is currently in the works.
  • Instrumental in growing the store’s Instagram from 0 to 250 followers in two months from content created.
  • Attentive to the different tabletop games coming out every month—with a focus on role-playing games.
  • Describe and easily explain the play of a board game—often in less than a minute.

Community Branch ConciergeEven when I’m not gaming I’m still focused on people & community.
Vancity Savings and Credit Union – Vancouver, BC Apr 2018 – present

  • Identify appropriate events to conduct brand outreach.
  • Coordinate with the Communication team to partake in Community events & outreach.
  • Orchestrate Community Outreach for events and local promotions.
  • Display expert levels of service. While an issue a member has may not be my fault—it becomes my responsibility to solve the issue for the member.