Bragging Moment

Bragging Moment

I am privileged that I was asked for an interview on the podcast Table Top Babble by James Introcaso.

The podcast aires on the Dont Split The Podcast Network and has had guests Like Mike Mearles, the D&D Adventurers League Admins, Wolfgang Bauer of Kobold Press.

I have been a fan of this podcast since it started 44 weeks ago. I love the fact that I am going from being a fanboy of thing RPG related to becoming a peer among people like Introcaso who create and influence the games and the community that play them.

Thanks James, I look forward to the next one.

You can hear the episode here.


  1. Sky Slayton

    Tim I enjoyed the interview, but if you have a DM Yoda to your Obi Wan…just don’t take a student on because we all know how that’ll turn out ?

    • Tim Mottishaw

      Hahaha, Too late Sky, I do have a padawan, two in fact, so far they are more jedi and less sith. I’ll keep a close eye on them haha. 🙂


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