The Continuing Story of Fierce Adventures
Dungeons & Dragons Drag Show in Vancouver

We’ll take you on the fiercest of adventures.


While the heroes are away Prof. Brogue realises that there is an Asp they can grab from the owner of the AirD&D. They just have to find it. They discover the Secret entrance to the AirD&D, its up the Stairway to hevin.

(not a spelling error, the owner didn’t want people thinking it was the other place and also likes the name Kevin…if you read the AirD&D brochure you would know that. I digress).

The first real hurdle when the Force Wall Shimmer meets the adventurers and they have to answer a riddle to pass through the wall.

Once they get to AirD&D they see a beautiful garden with stone statues all over. Of course the statues come to life and try to kill them. It gets close, but it fails. It turns out the Gorgon who owns the AirD&D just wants revenge on the Hooded figure for killing her brother recently. She gives them Sasssp the Asssp. They ask Shimmer to join them too and find a bag of holding on one of the statues.

The Adventurers headed back down the stairs to town and Prof Brogue, they gave the AirD&D 4 snakes out of 5 – the Earth Elemental security system was a little too harsh. The city was really quiet as they headed to UBC. Too quiet, even The Bathe House (the tavern) was empty and Ye olde Instagrame board was empty, not was was pinning things to the board. Many of the town had been kidnapped by the hooded figure!


Lame had the idea of hitting up Professor Brogue -her old teacher at UBC (University of Bard College) – he brought them to the part of the library that had all the books, Lame never knew that existed. After some intensive research (weed and book searching) and fighting off a couple evil college bros, who were sent by the hooded figure from April. The team found the spell they needed.

  • Horns of a Dragon,
  • Poison of an Asp,
  • Sacrifice of something they love.

Who ever cast that spell at the portal could chose to open it or close it forever. Its safe to assume that the Evil Hooded figure is totally doing the same thing.

They knew where a dragon was and called on their old Kobold friend Bert. Bert snuck them back into the Kobold lair and Shay Dior snuck up to the Dragon and “just yeeted those horns right the eff off”. With the Dragon dead they made Bert leader of the Kobold Tribe.


The heroes went into the North mountains to investigate why the Owlbears were being so aggressive. They befriended and Owlbear Gary and found a secret tunnel at the back of his cave. They made their way through some traps, created a crowbar of healing (with help from the audience), and discovered an old letter to the FFO (Fierce Feline Offenders). At the end of the tunnel was an ancient, once abandoned, long forgotten temple.

Inside the temple there was a portal glowing purple and a cloaked person prostrating in front of it. A face pushed against the portal and tell the cloaked figure how to release it from its bonds so it can spread evil around the world.


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