Fourth Day of Critmas

Fourth Day of Critmas

On the fourth day of CRITmas my players got from me…

…four goblin mounts

JacobJacJacob Anderson – Goblin Rider

Blink Dog – That last raid on the elf camp was lucrative. Blorp-the-Biter even found some new puppies. Depending on the serious level of your games the goblin riding the Blink Dog might not have mastered this mount well enough to properly use it. When the dog teleports does the mount go with it?

Owlbear- l mean…this would be so amazing. Though l see the owlbears attacking any riders that fall off.

Displacer Beast- For this one l would add the displacer beast phase abilities to the mounted goblin. Again, depending on the level of seriousness at your table maybe the goblin rider has disadvantage to attack out as well cause the tentacles phasing is distracting?

Ankheg- Terrifying. Does the rider burrow with the mount? Does the acid have any affect on the appearance of the rider? Maybe scars from the taming sessions.


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