Tenth Day of Critmas

Tenth Day of Critmas

On the tenth day of CRITmas my players got from me,

…ten walking deaded.

The walking deaded is a fate that falls upon those goblins who are particularly nasty, even for goblins. Warlords and Queens have been known to succumb to this fate. Often these are goblins who made a deal with a demon or devil to never die in return for a soul. So their soul is taken and they are left as wraiths to roam the world seeking a new soul and revenge on anything they can see.

If you ever come across a goblin village and see a lot of clerics or paladins to different gods (they will often just start going through the list till something helps rid the wraiths, like throwing a noodle against the wall till it sticks) there was likely a walking deaded there-or still is.

This one is so very much a goblin wraith. You’re welcome 🙂


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