Some games just don’t happen

Some games just don’t happen

Tonight we were supposed to relaunch our Star Trek stream:Star Trek Payette. If you follow my Instagram, you know that didn’t happen.About an hour before game time l still could not get my Scene to work for OBS (a really tricky program for a noob by the way). It became clear l was not going to be able to do the Scene changes, so l decided, “Ok, no worries –annoying, still doable.”

Nope, turned out l had left my surface’s power cord at home. We went to where we were playing, I pulled out my dice, my books my notes, everything I needed to run the game, “Hey Tim, where are the character sheets?” says Sam

“Fuuuuuuu-,” I had left these at home too. So, no game. We ended up watching episodes of Star Trek Next Generation. It wasn’t our Trek, ha– it was better.

Things I learned tonight, streaming is harder that it looks – to make it look good at least. Anyone can turn on a camera and start broadcasting. If you want to make it look good though, sometimes you have to be willing to just stop, breath, and watch some Trek instead of playing it. Also, have your equipment and prep ready to go better.

I’m looking forward to this month, I have less games and less shifts at the day job. That is going to mean less money too, it’s also going to mean that I can get used to OBS, and get my stories set up a bit better so that in January I will be able to come out swinging.

Look out 2019 – its going to be a big year!

Star Trek Payette follows the crew of a Steamrunner class ship in 2370, in an uncharted part of the Beta Quadrant called the Shackleton Expanse. We stream to Twitch every second Sunday night at 1900pst on


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