FIERCE ADVENTURES – Feels like the first time

FIERCE ADVENTURES – Feels like the first time

Back in November, Fierce Adventures had its first show here in Vancouver.

For the five of you who don’t know what Fierce Adventures it’s Dungeons & Dragons being played live on stage by the most fierce of all players – drag performers. It was a great game! I couldn’t have done it without Adam Zapple, Anne Xiety, and Shay Dior. For first time players they knocked it outta the park and our audience was top notch!

I’d always wanted to do a D&D drag show and I’m super happy to share our first game!

Fierce Adventures 1 from Rami Films on Vimeo.

We’ll be doing our next show January 9!


  1. Layt7on

    Just for fun because I said I would,

    *Great show btw

    I think that when Shimmer the Force Wall entered the Bag of Holding a black hole should have destroyed the entire universe.

    I’m no expert, but I believe that because a force wall extends into the ethereal plane that if it should enter the astral plane (visa vise into a bag of holding) it should at the very least cause a tear in the space time continuum.

    For your consideration (8’o)-|–<

    • The GM TIM

      I don’t disagree. Let’s just say we have not seen the last of Shimmer the Force Wall. 😉
      super glad you liked the show, see you next month!



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