Third Day of Critmas

Third Day of Critmas

On the Third day of Critmas my players got from me,

three goblin hags.

Three Hag Goblins

It’s so perfect. It would be unexpected and fun. To make goblin hags, take any of the hags that are in the monster books already. Then just reskin them make them small, add one to dex if you want to make them more nimble. Make it a coven. If you really want to have fun, grab a couple other DM friends and have them play one each. Then they will be truly chaotic.

If you have goblins in your group are they going to be in awe of the power these three matriarch magicians manifest?

As l write this l am thinking the three hags who are in control of Droaam in Eberron are actually a goblin coven out to make the other bigger monsters bend to their will!


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