Twelfth Day of Critmas

Twelfth Day of Critmas

On the twelfth day of CRITmas my players got from me,

…twelve dragon riders.

Ya. That’s right, goblin dragon riders. Like so cool, right? I can’t get this image out of my head. I think it would be green wyverns, dragons if you needed tougher antagonists. l figure the goblins found a nest after some adventuring party killed a dragon. The goblins decided to try to raise the eggs.

The wyverns didn’t eat the goblins cause they didn’t know any better. And now that the dragons are older it is more a fun thing they get to do. Other dragons may look down upon them, but pffff. These green dragons are not just feared, they are revered and honoured creatures.

Having them around has changed the whole culture of the goblin village. Not only can their territory be bigger than ever though possible they also now are all about the hoard collection. The dragons work with the goblins to get the smaller things that get lost when a dragon just destroys a village.

A goblin rider has cover while riding since it is so small on the dragon’s back and the young dragons have pack tactics, a trick they learned from the goblins.


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