Eleventh Day of Critmas

Eleventh Day of Critmas

On the eleventh day of CRITmas my players got from me,

…eleven hunter elders.

The older a hunter, the more revered. The older you get and still participate in village life, the more honoured. Barring some great reason or feat of awesomeness very few goblins retire in the sense that they get elderly and have people take care of them.

Instead, they become leaders and teachers and trainers and even remain hunters. Hunter Elders are some of the most feared goblins. Pity for the party that thinks they will be a cakewalk.

“phhhfff they are just goblins, what are they gonna d–ack…” – last words of Jim the Bard. First to go down in the TPK.

I use Hobgoblin Warlords for this one reskinned as small creatures but with all the same stats.


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