Wanna Play? Role Playing Games

Wanna Play? Role Playing Games

All Wanna Play? games are available for purchase at Strategies Games & Hobbies

  • Game: Role Playing Games
  • Players: 3+ (ideal is 5 or 6)
  • Style: Role Playing
  • Designer: Various
  • Board Game Geek Link: https://rpggeek.com/

This is my world. Welcome to Role Playing Games (RPGs). l could wax poetic or wane academic about RPGs for days. Suffice to say it is awesome. It’s collaborative story telling. In most RPGs one player takes on the role of the Game Master and adjudicates the rules while the rest of the players build Characters and play them out in the world or setting the group decided on. Everything is done at a table top and you can find an RPG for virtually anything.


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