Strategies Games Board Game of the Month

Strategies Games Board Game of the Month

Unstable Unicorns

This game is one of my favourites in the last couple years. Its a quick-to-play easy-to-learn card game.

The goal: Put seven (7) Unicorns into your stable (the table in front of your seat). All the rules fit onto a single card that same as the playing cards and there is one for each player. Further expansion is on a small rules booklet, and I’m being generous by calling it a booklet everything is so simple you don’t need a massive set of rules.

Rules are so easy!

Despite its simplicity the game has some amazing unexpected strategy to it. I love it best with 2 and up to 5 players. It can go as high as 8, at which point I suggest setting a time limit on the game (otherwise it can go for a while).

The expansions are brilliant. You can add them all together though one at a time is my personal fav way of doing it.

I commend the writers and creative team for this game. I was a Tee Turtle fan even before this game, and I can’t wait for further expansions.

Get It!

Unicorns are your friends now…


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